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IMS & the Environment

IMS is committed to the principles of environmental responsibility and sustainability. This includes taking all possible actions to minimise our impact on the environment as well as assisting our clients to meet their own environment and sustainability objectives.

IMS is committed to the following environmentally responsible practices:

    •    Use paper and other production inputs produced from recycled raw materials as far as production           technology and customer demands allow
    •    Minimise wastage in job set up and rework through best practice machine operation
    •    Recycle all paper and recyclable plastic waste through approved recyclers
    •    Minimise water and energy use in the plant and office environment

IMS provides mail solutions that minimise impact on the environment

    •    Biodegradable plastic film for plastic wrapped mail
    •    Recycled paper stocks for laser printing
    •    Offer electronic document delivery solutions
          using e-mail, web or mobile channels
    •    Provide data cleansing services to
          minimise undeliverable mail and
          wastage in the mail stream