Advanced technologies and efficient processes delivering superior outcomes for our clients.

IMS People

As a growing company, we are committed to employing best practice and industry leading skills to support our clients and enable our growth. We look for people who can live our values and make a positive contribution to IMS and our work environment.

Our Executive Team of Buzz Borsitzky and Michelle Lane have extensive experience in this industry helping clients meet their direct marketing challenges and our flat structure means every client receives the attention they deserve. With no dominant hierarchy in our structure, all members of our leadership team are connected to our customers.

IMS recognises the importance of attracting and maintaining the best people if we are to meet and exceed the demands clients expect of us. We seek people who display a passion for their work and a commitment to our clients.

IMS is committed to a safe and supportive working environment with values that respect all individuals and the importance of their role at IMS.