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IMS - a values driven organisation.

"The way IMS goes about things - Things that are important to our success - The way we behave"

Communication Accountability
•  Communication is everyone's responsibility •  Deliver on your commitments. Do what the team requires of you
•  Give people the information they need to do their job •  Hold yourself accountable
•  If you have not received the information you need - ask for it. Don't remain silent •  Hold others accountable
•  Be proactive - communicate issues early •  Avoid surprises. Communicate issues early and appropriately
•  Communicate with the right degree of emotion   
Teamwork Service to Customers
•  Be a team player - contribute to team success •  We all have customers - some are external and some are internal
•  Respect everyone and their own responsibilities •  The customer is the reason for our business - always keep customers in mind
•  Be part of the solution - do what you can to help •  Set high service standards