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Local Area Direct Marketing

Create customised local area communications based on local market needs by using a Web-enabled solution.

IMS Local Area DM is an advanced communication capability allowing your "local office" branches or dealer networks to implement local marketing campaigns to their customers based around "head office" approved templates.

Companies with a branch, dealer or franchise network can create customised communications based on local market needs by using a Web-enabled solution. The local partner may customise messaging for postcards, flyers and direct mail campaigns within the boundaries and approvals set out by the corporate. The solution reduces time and costs.

Automated technologies also allow people in charge of strategic campaigns to devolve and disperse the responsibility of modifying marketing collateral from the "head office" to the "local office" without the risk of eroding brand integrity, diminishing brand equity or compromising visual identify guidelines.

Whilst campaigns may be executed at the local level, the integrated system ensures branding guidelines remain and guarantee that all marketing content comply with corporate guidelines. It also ensures production efficiency with campaigns executed through a mail house infrastructure.

A typical Local Area DM solution
    •    A local partner wishing to create targeted direct mail campaigns selects approved design templates, adds           local level content and uploads their data into the local area DM system
    •    Personalisation may include images from an image library as well as text
    •    IMS processes the order and formats data for production
    •    Through a Web to print system, the communication piece may be printed and mailed or sent via           electronic channels
    •    Physical print output at IMS may be black or full digital colour, physical or via electronic delivery channels