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Electronic Document Channels

Mail and documents of the future will present in many different ways

At IMS we use a broad definition of mail. It's a packet of information that we move between you and your customer, and the delivery channel takes many forms. Consumers of today expect to be communicated to in the manner they prefer - print, e-mail, web or mobile and direct marketers need to respond to these consumer preferences.

IMS systems and document formatting capabilities are "channel indifferent" meaning we are able to output documents for delivery via a physical mail pack or the various electronic channels - all with the same degree of personalisation and high quality presentation that you see on printed copy.

Our e-DM solutions take multi channel mail to another level - rather than treating each channel as a silo, IMS integrates them into one solution for a true Integrated Cross Channel Direct Marketing solution.

Electronic Direct Marketing is highly measurable. IMS EDM services include detailed and relevant reporting to allow you track your campaign activity.