Advanced technologies and efficient processes delivering superior outcomes for our clients.

IT & Data Services

Data preparation, formatting, cleansing and de-duplicating for data processing and print.

At IMS, we recognise that data is a critically important input to mail and that technology is the enabler of efficient production. We use the very latest mail preparation software and IT infrastructure to ensure we remain ahead of the pack.

Our IT and data processing services begins with your data and applying our technologies to enhance, organise, clean or apply de-duplication to maximise the value of your mail. Using industry leading tool sets, we sort and append DPID to mail to reduce postage costs and compose the data for high speed print production.

Our IT solutions are multi channel, meaning you can reflect your customers preferred distribution channel; physical or digital.

We also recognise that personalisation is more than text only. Improving campaign response often means using personalised images as well as text. This "advanced personalisation" requires unique skills and tools. IMS uses world leading graphics solutions to manage images used in digital production.

IMS Analyst Programmers are skilled and experienced in web programming, databases and application development use non proprietary tools in building solutions to meet your needs today and into the future.