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On Demand Digital Colour Printing

Digital colour print solutions that revolutionise mail

Advances in digital colour print technology are revolutionising mail production and IMS leads the way. A combination of state of-the-art Xerox iGen4 Digital Colour production engine with world best enabling technology means IMS offers solutions that redefine mail and document management.

Offset quality print on a wide range of papers and synthetic substrates - the print quality of the iGen4 is stunning and the choice of stock types and stock weight is broad.

Increased personalisation - digital colour means increased personalisation of mail with variable images as well as variable text. This "advanced personalisation" creates true one-to one communications and improves response rates to your campaigns

Increased relevance - use images and design targeted to each individual or segment to increase the relevance of the mail piece rather than rely on a static offset printed base stock layout.

No run size is too small - with digital print On Demand technology, small run sizes are efficiently produced.

Speed to market and flexibility - On Demand printing is fast. Changes can be made rapidly allowing you to respond to the needs of your customers and the demands of your market.

Storage and logistics costs are eliminated - On Demand produces personalised output when you want it in the exact quantity you require. Storage, wastage and handling cost are gone.