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June 2010

IMS Introduces Advanced Booklet Making and Finishing

IMS announces enhanced booklet making and document finishing capabilities with the installation of Duplo finishing lines. This investment recognises that on-demand printed documents of the future can take many forms and advanced finishing is required to maximise their value. IMS finishing services now includes latest technology including intelligent collation, trimming, folding, creasing, perforating and stitching.

IMS equipment is optimised for finishing of digitally printed postcards, booklets and other marketing pieces where the highest quality is important. Rapid set up and flexibility are other key requirements when producing printed output using on-demand digital processes and this investment delivers improvements in responsiveness and efficiency.

The booklet making capability also provides intelligent collation of pages ensuring intel driven processing integrity and matching even when collating individually personalised pages. Combined with IMS iGen4 colour print platform this offers one-to one personalisation throughout the document.

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April 2010

Maximising Direct Marketing Effectiveness with Integrated Cross Channel Communication

IMS industry leading capability in DM now includes electronic delivery channels integrated with the traditional print channel. This includes e-mail, web and mobile, executed through one integrated workflow.

Using XMPIE composition technology, DM campaigns can now be implemented in an integrated manner rather than a silo approach. This allows marketers to use the most appropriate channel at the most appropriate time and respond to customer channel preference.

IMS Integrated Cross Channel Communication uses one database, one set of campaign rules but delivers across all channels. The integrated nature of this service significantly improves efficiency in execution of campaigns and maximises response rates. Advanced personalisation using variable images as well as variable text is delivered across digital and print channels ensuring relevance to the target market.

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